Budget 2019/20 – How we spend your money
Each year the Town Council prepares an annual budget of income and expenditure which form the basis of our ‘precept’ – being the sum of money we request from Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) that forms part of your annual Council Tax bill.

Recreation & Tourism:  Ampthill Great Park, Coopers Hill, Kings Arms Path Garden, Sporting Facilities are managed and maintained.  Our website and newsletters seek to continually inform residents and next year we will also focus on tourism. 

Management, Corporate & Civic Services: Staffing, offices, IT and administration provide the backbone to our services. Annual ceremonies and events including Remembrance and Civic Service bring all sections of our community together. 

Community Services:  CCTV enhances community safety, allotments provide a healthy pastime and a number of local groups benefit from grant awards to support their activities.   Youth engagement/activities will feature significantly in 2019/20. 

Highways & Transport:  Street lighting supply/maintenance shared with CBC.   Bus shelters provided/cleaned.  Parking issues will be tackled with plans to improve communication on Town Centre parking areas available and signage to inform users.   

Environmental Services:  Ampthill’s Cemetery is managed and maintained to a high standard.  Public toilets are well used.

Planning & Economic Development:   The Town Clock tower and faces will be refurbished.  A Neighbourhood Plan will be investigated - this could provide Ampthill with a mechanism to protect its historic character while improving infrastructure.

Transfer to Reserves – Project Funding: Funding of future Capital projects is achieved from annual staggered contributions. 

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Year Ended 31st March 2019

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Year Ended 31st March 2018

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Year Ended 31st March 2017

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