Committees 2019/20

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Committee Structures 2019/2020

Planning and Highways Committee (6)

Councillors: Jake Bishop (Chairman), Richard Holden (Vice Chairman), Kirsty Bourne, Susan Clinch, Kieran Richardson, (vacancy x 1).


Park and Amenities Committee (6)

Councillors: Roy Tebbutt (Chairman), Margaret Wilson (Vice Chairman), Kirsty Bourne, Kieran Richardson, Mark Smith and Ian Titman.


Strategy and Policy Committee (6)

Councillors: Stephen Addy (Chairman), Chris Redding (Vice Chairman), Jake Bishop, Roy Tebbutt, Ian Titman, (vacancy).


Community Engagement (6)

Councillors: Mark Smith (Chairman), Stephen Addy (Vice Chairman), Susan Clinch, Richard Holden, Chris Redding and Margaret Wilson.


Friends of Ampthill's Christmas Lights (3)

Councillors:Richard Holden, Ian Titman, (vacancy).


Parkside Hall Trustees (2)

Councillors: Kieran Richardson and Chris Redding.


Ampthill Parish Charity (2)

Councillors: Councillor Margaret Wilson and Mr Roy Day (Community Representative).


Ampthill Feoffee Charity (3)

Councillors: Susan Clinch and Ian Titman and Mrs Helen Armitage (Community Representative).


Ampthill Community Safety Group (3)

Councillors: Kieran Richardson and Mark Smith.